Waterfalls & Faux Rock

Grottos, Waterfalls and Faux Rock Formations - South Florida, Miami Dade, Browad and Palm BeachSammet Pools has been designing and building custom resort style grottos, waterfalls and faux rockwork environments for over 25 years. Specializing in custom faux rock designs for our clients with unique shapes of concrete molded and painted as it it were real. We design and create grottos, waterfalls & faux rockwork that will transform your pool area or commercial property into a beautiful oasis.

Our skilled talented builders possess an incredible artistic ability to create these amazing transitions of rock like surfaces from concrete that transform into spectacular tropical settings. The work is checked and inspected with each phase of the project while keeping the production schedule on time. We are dedicated to that “wow” factor in every aspect of our work. Each job is custom designed and built to last!.

  • John Sammet is a respected high end Pool Designer/Builder with special skills in designing & building Grotto, Waterfall and Faux Rock scenery in South Florida.
  • Using the highest standards in pool design and construction.
  • Our custom grottos, waterfalls and faux rock work will enhance the value of the property and provide a truly relaxing setting.
  • We’ll manage your project from start to finish including all the permits, drawings, inspections, & project management
  • Our staff is experienced in handling all elements of the construction process.
  • Using the latest cutting edge technology and the highest quality building materials

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Contact us today to schedule an
appointment at (954) 232-1915
to find out how we can make
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